Twitter Cards are becoming the smallest unit of ‘web’

My thoughts on Econsultancy:

Furthermore, because Twitter Cards can be based on existing metadata of websites, they can be simply generated at scale. For example, Amazon can immediately translate any product listing into an accompanying Card.

At that stage, what’s to stop you making a page of the cards, searching by its metadata and cutting out the middle man? Or creating a simple shopfront by creating a search filter of friends’ “Buy” cards?

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Vine is Twitter’s route to selling visual ads in your stream

Imagine you have a stream of info with riveted users but all you can put in there is text. Want to expand the options? What better way than to introduce something for your users first and foremost that can be monetised in more powerful ways later on. Sponsored tweets are about to get more serious.

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How do I filter tweets from TweetDeck?

We’ve all seen it – it’s one of those days. A “trender”. Something you have little to no interest in (Big Brother, X Factor, Cricket) will now litter your feed tweet after tweet, with no end in sight. Once you’ve heard that Steve Jobs is on the way out, you don’t necessarily need to see the inevitable second wave of jokes, then the backlash, then the backlash against the backlash.

But fear not intrepid tweeter, there is an alternative. Meet TweetDeck’s little known filtering abilities…

How do I filter tweets from TweetDeck?

You’ve got two handy options – one to apply the choice just to a single column or search, the other to apply it globally across the whole app.

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Overtransparency and the Dilemma of #Client Vs Integrity

This time last year, there was some fuss about The SarcMark, a new piece of punctuation designed to make the use of sarcasm explicit by putting a little marker at the end of each relevant sentence.*

Naturally, it was met with near universal derision and ridicule, mainly because it made explicit what anyone with a semblance of intelligence could deduct by themselves.

However, for a while I’ve been watching the way that #client disclosure hashtags are used on Twitter and for me, it kind of twigs some similar concerns.  Tweets like this by .net magazine Editor @DanOliver, and @Wadds‘ little show of hands here present one assortment of views on the matter.

I have something of a different take.

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Thank Me Later: The Role of Gratitude in Social Media

Good manners are great- like social alchemy, they lubricate the processes of every day life, giving a little advantage to those who use them effectively.

But as with all things, they require balance.  Perhaps it’s because it exposes their ritual, arbitrary nature but gratuitous deployment can breed suspicion or come across as weakness.  I think it’s much the same with the gratitude that some people demonstrate in social media.

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North/ South Twivide

Couldn’t resist putting this up.

Trendsmap is a service that layers tags on top of a World map to show what is trending where.  Let’s have a look at the image below:


In the area around London:  Grammar, investment, debate.

Over toward Liverpool: @mrpeterandre .

What does it all mean?

P.S. Feel free to add your own finds as comments below…


Follow Friday – 18 Sept 09

Some telecoms examples for today's Follow Friday blog post.  Enjoy…

@guyatcarphone – Among generally worthwhile tweets, there are also interesting updates on cellular reception as the network inevitably collapses around the country.  A good idea and worth having on the roster just in case. Example Tweet:

Carphone Warehouse customer service alert: Customers in the DG12 postal code area may currently be experiencing loss of GSM and GPRS service

@sevendotzero – Jonathan Jensen, The man knows about mobile things. Bit supporter of .tel and worth quizzing on the subject.  Tends to be at the forefront of breaking news and speaking to the people involved. Example Tweet:

Good chat this morning about developments in WiFi with @mattcooke & @Nick_Sutton. New @ipass stuff happening with iPhone & Blackberry.

@mobileIP – Another example of a Twitter account accompanied by a great blog, "A Look Inside the Cloud".  Really interesting and informed insight into the Telecoms market, goes way beyond the superficial and teaches amateurs like me a thing or two.  It's a hidden gem and based on the content, should be on more peoples' radar. Example Tweet:

OFCOM releases first ever UK 3G coverage map … great news if you're a sailor, less so if you're from Norfolk!


Follow Friday – 4 Sept 09

A sprinkling of favourites for my first official Follow Friday blog post.  Enjoy…

@danworth – Journalistic chap who tweets those interesting thoughts that pop up throughout the day.  Also has an interesting blog on things like books, journalism and crisps.

Example Tweet:

In movies most aliens never wear clothes or shoes. Why do we think they will evolve to inter-space travel and yet remain naked?4:14 PM Sep 2nd from web

@brokenbottleboy – Having spent a stolen weekend in Reading with this chap, I can attest that he “knows things”.  Expect a regular stream of solid tech content and pay a visit to his tumblr blog for the best use I’ve ever seen of the platform.

Example Tweet:

The Chinese translation of McDonalds’ I’m Lovin It slogan is “I just like it” That’s much nearer my real feelings.about 19 hours ago from twhirl

@AsimQureshi – Fellow AxiCommer downstairs on the consumer team.  Regular and jovial comments on tech news with a chirpy slant and the odd football tweet thrown in…

Example Tweet:

Could this be the BEST iPhone advert…ever? think so! (via @thenextweb)about 18 hours ago from web

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Are you Content not to Contend with Content?

robinHad a conversation with a colleague about Twitter today. She was claiming that you can’t say anything worthwhile in 140 characters, a suggestion made by many that I’ve tried to explain the popular microblog to. I’d argue it depends what you’re trying to say and why.

In casual conversation, ideas flow easily; often so little is said that many sentences remain incomplete, superceded by understanding as the speakers move swiftly on. Twitter is a bit like this.