Public Relations

Maxicom – AxiCom = MaxTB at Wildfire

Hello anonymous blinking observers.

It’s time to announce that as of Monday the 15th of March, I’ll be leaving my role at the magnificent global PR powerhouse AxiCom to join the team of thrusting young things at Wildfire PR.

Raising the Temperature

You may be familiar with the agency online via such noted Wildfirers as DannyWhatmough and DebbyPenton ( or have met them in real life as Danny Whatmough and Debby Penton respectively…) Alternatively, I’d be surprised if you haven’t read the brilliant Wildfire blog or indeed Danny’s own.

For many of you this will mean business as usual except for one logical alteration: what once was @maxicom is now part of my wider web presence as @maxtb.

There will be no encores…