Vine is best when you’re Being John Malkovic

Two big things I like about Twitter:
1. Source of content – links etc
2. Glimpses of how others see the world

I think my Instagram feed was too weighted to people trying to achieve 1, e.g. Here’s a lovely sunset (satisfying on content alone.)

While theres some of this on Vine, I love how vividly those in my feed achieve function 2. Not since Twitter have I felt like I’m glimpsing these little clips of every day in a different head.

Perhaps it’s because Vines include many more ‘human’ variables. From how someone moves the camera to what they decide to film to whether they give themselves a starring role, these give me more of a feel of a moment (and a person) than a dodgy Instagram filter.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend it. Since I like it so much, it’s almost certainly doomed to fail (see Google Wave) so perhaps best to enjoy it while we can…

Social Media

Vine is Twitter’s route to selling visual ads in your stream

Imagine you have a stream of info with riveted users but all you can put in there is text. Want to expand the options? What better way than to introduce something for your users first and foremost that can be monetised in more powerful ways later on. Sponsored tweets are about to get more serious.