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Location alone gets you nowhere

As if making sure @DannyWhatmough never becomes Mayor of Wildfire PR wasn’t enough, I’ve actually found real value from Foursquare here and there.

In the first example, I checked into a bar and was quickly called by an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time who just happened to be around the corner. In the second, I spotted that one of my cousins was in town and reached out to see if she wanted to catch up.

In addition to aiding and abetting “ad hoc” plans, it’s also a great way to access inside knowledge on a whim about any unfamiliar area in which you find yourself. What’s more, you tend to get info on even some of the most trivial places like the best seat in Costa.

So what’s holding more people back from having these experiences and deepening the value it offers beyond temporarily entertaining mayoral power struggles?