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How will we Manage without degrees?

Management is a skill and a great example of nature and nurture coming together as one. In PR, there’s no way to skip straight to management. It’s vocational enough that you simply can’t start delegating without the proper understanding of what you’re asking of people, what you expect from them and, as much as anything, experiencing good and bad management yourself.

But in recent years, other industries have pushed forward with a dynamic that ignores this – the graduate trainee scheme. The idea of these is that if you bring in talent with allegedly great potential and fast track it, you make sure the cream of the crop gets to where it’s needed in your business as quickly as possible.

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Playing Games in Business

Modern Warfare 2, probably the most successful game of all time, sold 7 million copies during its first day on sale.

That’s 7 million men, women and childr–

Ah… excuse me, as I was saying, 7 million men and children out there who are logging hours on the thing as we speak. ┬áBut it’s not the only game raking in such numbers with the likes of World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2 similarly training players in the satisfying swing of character growth and rewards.

Alongside this, casual gaming has taken off like never before. At the frontier, we have the posse of eager iPhone gamers but many more are signed up to Facebook apps like Farmville or flash games for their regular fix.

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Apple’s Razor Sharp New Direction

With the iPad, Apple has clearly slashed its usual profit margins and priced the device to sell. I think this marks a fascinating shift for the company toward the classic ‘razor blade‘ strategy of providing a cheap platform to enable a steady revenue stream. ┬áThe announcement of iAd only confirms this, introducing yet another example of the minimum effort/ maximum profit scenario that the iTunes store whet their appetite for so long ago.