Greatest Hits

2018 Update: Sadly, many of the below have succumbed to redesigns and relaunches of publication websites — but titles should be relatively clear. You might also find more recent examples on Contently.

(Sometimes with the orig. title.)

Twitter cards are now the smallest unit of web

Econsultancy, April 2014

Apple, build a smart EarPod or someone else will.

Wired, March 2014
(Was pretty miffed when all the fuss kicked off about a fake Secret rumour along similar lines not long after this. Maybe I inspired it?)

Google is searching for its iPod moment

Telegraph, March 2014
“This is what Google is looking for — its own iPod moment to follow up its “Macintosh” of Google Search. After fighting the smartphone and tablet wars on the back foot, it has no intention to be late to the party again. So whether on your face, in your car, on a map or in the skies, all bets are off.”

Facebook’s future is in your past
Wired, Oct 2013
“Why do you check in? Why do you tweet? Why do you share those holiday snaps and tag your friends? The social network experience today is a transient one, both in sharing and consumption. But as we build up a bigger and bigger body of content and connections on these platforms, we’re trapping memories.

Microsoft’s plan is stronger than you think

Medium, Oct 2013

“I think this is the clearest depiction of Microsoft’s consumer strategy to date — and a picture that has been missing from much of what I read about them. If they can pull it off competently for now, it might set the stage to build on that progress in the future. But I don’t see a better path open to them.”

In Defence of Google+

Sept 2013
“Google+ is not a Facebook killer (as some journalists have started to twig). Google+ is Search, Youtube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, Android, Hangouts and more. Google+ starts as the layer that runs through all its products but the real goal is its extension through the web. This is where the Google Authorship markup strategy has been so ingenious. Never has anyone had such a compelling reason to integrate a new way to share into your site.”

Fitbit, Klout and your data silhouettes

Aug 2012
“I’d say Fitbit generates a kind of fuzzy data silhouette of me – a loose summary of my activity that, while not quite the Robocop self-tracking frenzy the trend purports to be, does give me data that I can gain value from. It occurred to me that Klout could almost fit into this category too.”

Ebooks must read their surroundings to beat the bookshelf

Wired, May 2012
“iBooks and Kindle let you add notes and highlighting today, but imagine a more holistic and automatic recording of metadata that showed the real life of that book’s journey with you.”

Could Amazon rekindle payment for content on the web?

Wired, Aug 2011

“Picture the scene: You’re on your favourite blog or news source and it’s business as usual — most content remains free and freely available for your perusal. But every article now includes “Kindle” button that lets you send it to your Kindle reading list and automatically uploads it to whichever device you choose. So far, so Instapaper. But, some articles may be just snippets or synopses, as you often see on sites with paywalls. In these cases, the button shows a price, requiring you to link to your Kindle (Amazon) account the first time and providing “one-click” options for future purchases.

And, for a bit of fun, a few of my proudest Vines:

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