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The truth behind Follow Friday

A jolly little cartoon just popped up in my Twitter feed (thanks @lewsisshields) making an entertaining point about the Follow Friday phenomenon- namely that nobody ever follows the people suggested in such tweets. But actually I think this kind of misses how Follow Friday is more frequently used today.


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Sustainable Social Media: A Manifesto

<< Crossposted from my post on the official Wildfire PR blog. Because I like it. >>

If one thing has become clear in the last few weeks, it’s that everyone loves the Old Spice guy.  He sprung out of nowhere, posted some clever YouTube videos and we all had a good time.

But social media was supposed to be about more than this.  It was supposed to make companies more transparent and usher in a new age of true public relations – it was supposed to save the world!

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Stop asking what social media is for

simon-cowellRecent releases of online tools have been plagued by the question: What’s it for?

In the case of Buzz, it was criticised for trying to be Twitter. Considering the big question from Twitter luddites is “what’s it for?”, it’s a surprise this paradox didn’t cause a flux in the space time continuum and end life as we know it.

So why exactly is it that so many people can see the value they get from Twitter and the confusion of outsiders but then can’t relate that memory back to the position they occupy when a new service arrives?

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Old Spice: Swan Dive or Cannonball?

By now, you’ll have seen the excellent recent Old Spice ads as well as the ingenious @oldspice followup campaign.

But the thing is, as good as they are, its not going to make me buy old spice. And I don’t think I’m the only one. They’re amusing precisely because they take the piss out of the OTT manliness traditionally associated with the brand.

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Thank Me Later: The Role of Gratitude in Social Media

Good manners are great- like social alchemy, they lubricate the processes of every day life, giving a little advantage to those who use them effectively.

But as with all things, they require balance.  Perhaps it’s because it exposes their ritual, arbitrary nature but gratuitous deployment can breed suspicion or come across as weakness.  I think it’s much the same with the gratitude that some people demonstrate in social media.

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North/ South Twivide

Couldn’t resist putting this up.

Trendsmap is a service that layers tags on top of a World map to show what is trending where.  Let’s have a look at the image below:


In the area around London:  Grammar, investment, debate.

Over toward Liverpool: @mrpeterandre .

What does it all mean?

P.S. Feel free to add your own finds as comments below…

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Are you Content not to Contend with Content?

robinHad a conversation with a colleague about Twitter today. She was claiming that you can’t say anything worthwhile in 140 characters, a suggestion made by many that I’ve tried to explain the popular microblog to. I’d argue it depends what you’re trying to say and why.

In casual conversation, ideas flow easily; often so little is said that many sentences remain incomplete, superceded by understanding as the speakers move swiftly on. Twitter is a bit like this.