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Playing Games in Business

Modern Warfare 2, probably the most successful game of all time, sold 7 million copies during its first day on sale.

That’s 7 million men, women and childr–

Ah… excuse me, as I was saying, 7 million men and children out there who are logging hours on the thing as we speak. ┬áBut it’s not the only game raking in such numbers with the likes of World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2 similarly training players in the satisfying swing of character growth and rewards.

Alongside this, casual gaming has taken off like never before. At the frontier, we have the posse of eager iPhone gamers but many more are signed up to Facebook apps like Farmville or flash games for their regular fix.

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Thoughts falling far from the tree?

Imaginative Apple Tree photo...With thousands of millions of downloads zinging their way to the 17 million iPhones out there in the wild, it'd be hard to argue that Apple aren't on to something with the App Store.

But I think there's a clear and greater opportunity on the horizon.