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Could OAPs be Apple’s Secret Testing Team?

Saw the video below and had one of those massive “what if” moments – How ‘Steve Jobs’ would it be to test new Apple products on single, old-aged individuals who probably won’t spill the beans?

Who else are you going to sit an iPad in front to do user experience testing without the secret leaking? And how would it inform your product design versus testing with the standard man on the street? Would you end up with something more intuitive that “just works”?

Is the alternative to believe that they threw these things together without any exposure outside of the company?

See what you think, I’d say stranger things have happened…

By Max Tatton-Brown

Max Tatton-Brown is founder and MD of Augur, and has written for publications including the Guardian, Sifted and TechCrunch.

3 replies on “Could OAPs be Apple’s Secret Testing Team?”

Jobs believed that if a small child could pick up one of his devices and intuitively use it, it was ok. Same principle applies. Never said whether he tested it on kids in the lab by pinning their eyes open and making them tweet for food, though I kind’ve hope he did.

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